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Bottle Toppers Make Money

A tiny fruit fly can ruin a whole bottle of premium liquor, potentially costing you hundreds of dollars. Bottle toppers are a simple way to address this problem. The Pourer Fedora liquor bottle covers are a cost effective and fun way to deal with this problem in your bar or restaurant.

These pourer covers protect any type of liquor pourers. Whether you use metal pourers, screened or measured pourers, or plastic pourers, these charming 'bottle hats' will fit the bill. Don't let fruit flies bug you, try Pourer Fedora today.

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Pourer Covers with Panache

Don’t you hate products developed by people who know nothing about how they’re used? That’s what makes Pourer Fedora pourer covers so great. Designed and developed by two brothers who owned a bar in the center of Boston, they know the problem with fruit fly infestation first hand.

They also know that liquor bottle caps need to be quick and easy to put on and take off, and easy to clean in order to be effectively used. They also know that your reputation and 'eye appeal' has a lot to do with your success as a bar or restaurant.

Thus Pourer Fedora was born. Looking like a stylish hat, fitting virtually any pourer, taking seconds to remove or put on, they provide great protection at a great price with a great look. Try the solution developed by people who know what they're talking about.

Creative Liquor Bottle Caps

Have you ever walked into a bar when it first opens and saw something you wish you hadn't? Dirty tables, spotty glasses, or plastic wrapped liquor bottles or beer taps? If you stayed that day, you probably picked a different place for happy hour next time.

Rather than the haphazard impression of plastic wrap liquor bottle caps and covers for your pour spouts can make your place appear conscientious about cleanliness and attractiveness.

Try Pourer Fedora for a great first impression! These cute little 'pourer hats' complement any decorating theme and look professional and fun.

Your Pour Spouts are Vulnerable

If you're a bar owner you pay much attention to the safety and quality of your establishment. You probably have a regular pest control schedule, a cleaning crew, and guidelines for your own staff to follow to give your customers only the best.

But have you thought about your pour spouts? At night the spouts on your liquor bottles are an invitation to fruit flies and other small insects. This can result in discarding expensive alcohol or, even worse, serving your valued customers a cocktail with an unwanted insect included.

Bottle toppers are the perfect solution, and the perfect bottle topper is the Pourer Fedora. The look is professional and fun, the fit is tight and insect proof, and the cost is affordable. Make the Pourer Fedora a valuable part of making your bar or restaurant the very best.

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