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About Pourer Fedora®

Pourer Fedora LLC is owned by two brothers who owned a bar in the heart of Boston and know a thing or two about fruit flies. We have over 30 years of combined hospitality industry experience and have experienced many of its recent trends. One trend we both noticed is the emergence of the liquor pourer universal cover and dust cap. Neither of us cared for the looks of these generic products but saw the steady increase of their use in our city and one day discussed the need for a better looking product. From one of our many discussions the name Pourer Fedora immerged and we decided to move forward with the concept.

The reason for the decision to start this business is because fruit flies are a problem that is not going away. In researching our decision, we learned that fruit flies are the number one reason for call backs to pest control professionals. In other words, even after you got ‘em beat, they still manage to come back. A long term problem requires a long term solution and we feel that the industry now recognizes that the long term solution is pourer covers. If any hesitation to use the universal pourer cover and dust cap on liquor pourers ever existed we think it has now vanished.

In the eyes of a patron who happens to notice the pourer covers during off hours the attention to detail may be appreciated or even expected for the more and more expensive bottles on display. The patron may simply interpret their use as another great example of a responsible, customer oriented, high quality establishment displaying their impeccable attention to detail and desire to protect their valuable merchandise from the vagaries of operations such as the use of cleaning agents, pest control products, dust, and the stray fly that might happen to land on a liquor pourer. The thought of fruit flies may never even enter into the patron's positive assessment of their use to simply protect the liquor pourers.

Our feeling on the overall business is simple; we are going to provide our customers with a good product they can safely buy on the internet at a competitive price that can help them tackle a difficult problem and help them keep their patrons happy too. We look forward to serving you as our customer and we hope you will tell a friend.


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