Pourer Fedora - We've Got You Covered Pourer Fedora - We've Got You Covered

What is a Pourer Fedora®?

A Pourer Fedora is a cover placed on top of the pour spout of a liquor bottle in order to protect the liquor pourer from infiltration by the enemy. The enemy is fruit flies.

You may not know it, but if you are like most bars on the planet at one time or another you will be visited by fruit flies. They can come in right through the front door, cover charge or no cover charge. More often though they sneak in through the back from right off of the delivery truck usually hiding amongst your order of fruit. How they make it from the basement all the way up to the bar is a story only they, or Pixar, can tell. But once they make it… they've reached paradise.

Pourer Fedora pourer covers for liquor pourers are an effective solution to the problem of fruit flies. Pourer covers in general are growing in popularity because the fruit fly problem is so wide spread. Pourer Fedoras just solve the problem with a bit more style and we do so at a comparable, competitive price.

Pourer Fedora protects your bottle pourer spouts from other trouble as well. Everyone uses cleaning products and pest control products and their use can reach the bottle pourers. The cleaning and pest control products tend to be used during your establishment's off hours and that is when Pourer Fedora pourer covers are used. They are typically placed on each liquor pourer at the end of the last shift and removed by the day bartender. Usually the movement of the bartenders up and down the bar helps to keep the fruit flies away during their shifts but at the end of the night the annoying little creatures return to paradise. That is why using Pourer Fedora covers for your liquor pourers each night can be so helpful. We keep out the fruit flies when they are most likely to strike.

Pourer Fedora liquor pourer covers can help protect all types of pourers. Whatever type of pourer you use, the short colored plastic pourer, tapered pourers, metal pourers, screened pourers and measured pourer, such as the common two ball measured pourers and three ball pourers, Pourer Fedora will fit. Just drop one onto each pourer spout and all your pourer spouts are protected, every night. We look forward to serving you as our customer and we hope you will tell a friend. Thanks.