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Wherever you are serving liquor, from a small neighborhood bar to a high quality restaurant, you are probably concerned about protecting your alcohol from the devilish fruit fly. One little pest can ruin an entire bottle of fine liquor or, worse yet, drive away a customer if you don't notice it before you serve a drink.

Pourer caps are a creative solution to this problem, but many of them are disappointing. Molded hard plastic covers don’t fit well, are easy to knock off and hard to clean. Plastic wrap takes too much staff time at the end of the night and can totally miss covering shorter bottles.

Pourer Fedora has a great solution with our liquor hats. Rather than hard plastic, our pourer covers are soft plastic so they fit snugly and are hard to accidentally knock off. And when your customers see our covers on your liquor, they'll smile at the charming look rather than immediately wonder what kind of pests are running around at night.

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Who Thought of Liquor Hats?

A reasonable question, and we have a reasonable answer. People who know what they're talking about, that's who! Our liquor hats were created by a pair of enterprising brothers with roots in the bar industry. They knew firsthand, from managing a bar in Boston, how frustrating it was to find the right solution for protecting liquor pourers at the end of the night.

Not just that frustration, but what about an outside bar station, or unused small bar during a downtime for the establishment? You need to protect the product, but in a way that is attractive and simple, not time consuming or ugly.

Enter Pourer Fedora. Quick to use, fun to look at, and affordable, there’s no better way to protect your bottles in style. Give us a try, and you’ll never need to look again for a solution to the fruit fly battle ; you’ve won the war with Pourer Fedora!

Protect Those Liquor Pourers

Fruit flies can destroy your profits. One tiny fly in one good bottle of Scotch can cost you $50 - or more. Providing protection against this possibility is important and pourer caps are the perfect solution. Your liquor pourers are protected, but with what impression?

If you choose Pourer Fedora, the impression is one of stylish charm. Your customers won't be thinking about flies, they'll be smiling if they notice the whimsical but practical protection they provide.

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