Pourer Fedora - We've Got You Covered Pourer Fedora - We've Got You Covered

Pourer Covers are Important

When you stock your bar, you probably try to cover all your bases. Fine liquor, glasses, napkins, stirrers, the list goes on and on. But do you remember pourer covers?

Using covers is important to avoid the possibility of fruit fly infestation. But if you don’t want to rely on the time consuming and unattractive option of plastic wrap or disposable cups, consider a stylish liquor cap.

Pourer Fedora actually looks like a hat for your liquor bottle! Attractive and charming, they save your bar or restaurant both in staff time expended to protect your spirits and in preventing loss of product.

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A Liquor Cap is Whimsical

Fruit fly infestation is no laughing matter. And while fruit flies plague virtually all food and drink establishments, from the corner bar to the most expensive five star restaurant, the perception of patrons is that flies equal uncleanliness. This is not an impression you want to leave with any customer.

Enter Pourer Fedora. This liquor cap fits over any standard liquor pourer and looks attractive while adding protection. Your customers will be charmed by the ‘bottle hats’ rather than wondering what kind of vermin are running around your establishment if they see you use plastic wrap or paper cups.

For protection with style, turn to Pourer Fedora.

A Liquor Pourer is Vulnerable

Speed and style are important in drink preparation. Your bartender needs to be able to prepare drinks quickly and with a flourish to keep the customers coming back. A liquor pourer is a necessity for terrific presentation and speed. The downside is that these pourers are like freeways for flies. They invite these pests into your valuable liquor.

The answer is to use pourer covers. This closes down the highway overnight or during periods when the bar station is not in use. Finding covers that fit well and look great can be a challenge though.

Two brothers from Boston who knew a thing or two about bars came up with the perfect solution, a cover that looks like a stylish hat, the Pourer Fedora.

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