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Pourer Fedora® - Covers for liquor pourers

  • Made of durable soft plastic
  • Fits snugly over all standard pourers
  • Prevents fruit flies from entering bottles
  • Protects liquor after hours
  • $99 per carton of 10 dozen
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The Perfect Liquor Pourer Cover

Pourer Fedora pourer covers for liquor pourers were designed by two brothers who owned a bar in Boston and know a thing or two about fruit flies. We hope you will enjoy our product. Fruit flies won't.

The problem is Fruit Flies, aka Vinegar Flies or... the enemy. There are over 1000 species which live and thrive in bars worldwide. They have a global habitat, and can be found in swamps, deserts, cities, towns and bars, like one near you. They fly inside the liquor pourer, enter the bottles, and will not leave.

The impact is a loss of product, a negative impression to patrons who become unhappy with bar's service, and unhappy with the product that is served. Owners, management and staff all share in the frustration of eliminating bar fruit flies and Fruit Fly trouble is the #1 cause of call backs to pest control pros.

So what is the Solution? Pourer Fedora's pourer covers for liquor pourers. Sometimes called liquor bottle covers or pourer caps, they are placed on top of bottle pourers preventing fruit flies from entering your bottles. They are used overnight, removed when establishment opens and therefore unnoticed by patrons. Pourer Fedora liquor bottle covers protect inactive bar stations too.

Pourer Fedora's are made of durable soft plastic, fit snugly over all standard liquor pourers and help prevent fruit fly trouble in all venues, bars, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs...they'll find you.

The main benefit is that liquor is not ruined by fruit flies. The result of this benefit: negative patron impressions are reduced. Shot pourers protected by Pourer Fedora liquor pourer caps provide a relief and savings to the establishment - Protecting just 2 or 3 bottles of good scotch can pay for your order. Add Pourer Fedora to your list of bartending supplies today.

We look forward to serving you as our customer and we hope you will tell a friend. Thanks.

We've got you covered!

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