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Bartender Supplies with a Purpose

Pourer Fedora is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bartender supplies. Glasses, napkins, mixers, alcohol - these are all the standard bar staples. But eliminating bar fruit flies is on the mind of every owner and manager. Is there an affordable way to take care of this problem that is also attractive?

  • What are your options?
  • Corking all liquor bottles nightly
  • Avoiding the use of liquor pourers
  • Covering the bottles with plastic wrap or cups

These choices are costly, time consuming, and may look unprofessional. Pourer Fedora, on the other hand, is affordable, quick to use or remove, and nice to look at. When you're considering supplies, make sure you're completely covered with Pourer Fedora.

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Eliminating Bar Fruit Flies

Bar flies are one of the great challenges of the bartender or bar owner. These demonic little pests seem to be able to live on nothing and get into places that appear to have no opening. Bar flies can cost you both in profits and in reputation if they infest your liquor and end up in a patron's drink.

A Pourer Fedora can be placed on your liquor bottle pourers to protect your establishment from this widespread problem. No amount of cleanliness or care can prevent fruit flies from finding your liquor. Eliminating bar fruit flies is an endless battle. If your doors are open to let your customers in, fruit flies can come along for the ride. And once inside, they’ll find your bottles as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. Can you afford to loose a nice bottle of Johnnie Walker Black to a fruit fly?

With our charming solution that's one question you won't have to answer.

Battle Those Bar Flies

Restaurants and bars that serve food must fight a never ending battle. Keeping the dreaded bar fly at bay is a constant struggle. They fly in with patrons, are carried in on the food deliveries, or are just born and raised right there at the bar. How can a simple barkeep win?

Bartender supplies are not commonly thought of as ‘fly fighters’ but there is one product out there that fits the bill and always comes out a winner over the bar fly. The Pourer Fedora protects your liquid assets with class and convenience. Our soft plastic covers make a secure seal and look great doing it.

You can win the war with Pourer Fedora!!

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