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How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

This is definitely a serious question. Flies are nasty little buggers that can bring disease along with them. Bars and restaurants that serve liquor deal with this problem as an ongoing irritation and public relations nightmare.

If you need to know how to get rid of fruit flies, enter Pourer Fedora bottle toppers, the perfect solution to an annoying problem. These charming toppers are usually placed on each liquor pourer at the end of the night and removed when the bar opens in the morning.

Since they are attractive to look at, they are an excellent choice to leave on unopened bar stations, even after the restaurant is open. They imply a conscientious, clean establishment rather than reminding staff of the possibility of pests in the way some less professional solutions can.

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I Don't Need Bottle Toppers!

If you are one of those bar owners or managers who think that because you don't see fruit flies during open hours, they aren't there, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it's important. Fruit flies are tricky little creatures and can create a large infestation in a small window of time.

If you sat quietly in your bar after it closed, when all the activity is over, you would be consumed by the thought of how to get rid of fruit flies the following day. They wait until all is quiet and still, then they strike. Protect your expensive liquor investment with bottle toppers.

While there are choices of bottle covers on the market, none beat the Pourer Fedora. Carefully designed to work with all types of pourers, you can be confident they will work with your products. Affordable, made of soft pliable plastic to fit snugly, easy to clean, reusable and fun to look at - what more could you want?

Stop those pesky little devils in their tracks with the Pourer Fedora!

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