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Specialized Bartending Supplies

Glasses, napkins, bar mats, mixers – these are all well-known bartending supplies. But controlling fruit flies is a need you should never overlook when fully stocking and protecting your bar or restaurant.

The owners and developers of Pourer Fedora are two brothers with more than thirty years of experience in the industry between them. They know firsthand how serious a threat the tiny fruit fly poses. Cutting into profits, ruining an establishment's reputation, or costing the business in terms of staff time spent dealing with the issue make eliminating bar fruit flies a thought on every manager and owner's mind.

That's where Pourer Fedora comes in. A liquor pourer cover that fits virtually all types of pourers and bottles, this affordable solution is quick to use and great to look at. Rather than drawing a customer's attention to any potential problem, the Pourer Fedora represents your establishment as having an admirable attention to detail and sense of style, plus they are just plain fun.

While fruit flies are the main focus for the protection offered by the Pourer Fedora, they also protect against cleaning products, pest control overspray, and dust and dirt. Protect your product and your reputation with the affordable Pourer Fedora!

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Controlling Fruit Flies with Style

There are other solutions out there to protect liquor from fruit flies. Most are unattractive, expensive, or time consuming to use. The designers of Pourer Fedora set out to develop a product that would look great, be simple to apply and remove, and be competitively priced.

When you are outlining your bartending supplies, be sure to include Pourer Fedora on your list for controlling fruit flies.

Fruit flies can reproduce one day after hatching and can lay one hundred eggs or more. These eggs hatch in fifteen hours or less after being laid. Looking at the simple math, the overwhelming scope of the problem for bar and restaurant owners becomes clear.

You may never eliminate every fruit fly in your place of business. Be sure you are protecting against those stray insects that escaped your extermination efforts with the Pourer Fedora. You might not be able to keep them out of your bar, but you can keep them out of your liquor with this quick and easy solution.

Durable and reusable, snug fitting and attractive, and affordable - what more could you want? Stop worrying about protecting your liquor; let Pourer Fedora do it for you, with style!

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