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Appealing Bar Fruit Fly Remedy

Fruit flies can destroy a bar or restaurant’s reputation and their profits. You cannot do enough to rid your establishment of these unbelievably crafty little critters. You think you have blocked every entrance, yet there they are flying around in the back or, worse yet, in the front of the house where patrons can see them.

You may have tried every bar fruit fly remedy you can think of, but we challenge you to try just one more. Bartending supplies are not complete until they include the Pourer Fedora.

These pourer covers are competitively priced with any available on the market, and are certainly a better solution than using products like disposable cups that were not created for this use. Best yet, they are attractive and decorative, adding rather than detracting from the ambiance of your bar.

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Bartending Supplies Include Pourer Fedora

We've discussed what a great bar fruit fly remedy Pourer Fedora is, but it serves other, very valuable, purposes as well. Bartending supplies are not complete if they don't include cleaning and pest control solutions. But are you confident that the chemicals you use cannot find their way into your valuable liquor? With Pourer Fedora, you can have that confidence.

Especially if you contract these services out for others to accomplish during the closed hours of your business, you have no control over the care taken to assure the safety of the products on your bar. Pourer Fedoras are put on your bottle pourers at the end of the night, and provide protection, no matter how careless your cleaning crew or pest control provider may be.

Pourer Fedoras are attractive, easy to use, fit snugly, and are cost effective. They are made of pliable plastic, are easy to clean, and are reusable. What more could you want? For a fun solution to a serious problem, trust Pourer Fedora.

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