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Pour Covers Protect Your Investment

The most expensive consumable asset in a bar or restaurant is usually its liquor. Whatever the venue, pour covers make the difference in protecting from loss of product.

One problem has been fitting liquor bottle pourers in a way that makes sense. Many of the alternatives available on the market were either ill-fitting, and very difficult to clean thoroughly, or unattractive amateur options like plastic wrap or disposable cups.

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Enter Pourer Fedora. Created by Boston bar owning brothers Pourer Fedora is made of soft, slightly pliable plastic and is styled in a way that allows them to fit perfectly and be easily cleaned.

But it's the look that makes them really great. Rather than drawing attention to any potential pest problem to your customers, this stylish pourer cover looks like a décor accessory.

Style and practicality all in one package, that’s Pourer Fedora.

Protect Your Liquor Bottle Pourers

There are good points and bad points to using liquor bottle pourers. The main good point is the easy way they allow bartenders to create drinks quickly and accurately. Pourers let staff create complicated concoctions with ease,and allow the customers to see for themselves that they are getting a full portion of the spirit they’re paying for.

However, there is a downside. These pourers can create an expressway for fruit flies to find their way into your liquor. With some alcohol approaching $100 a bottle, loss through fly infestation is an issue you can't afford to ignore.

Pour covers are an ideal solution, but if you're concerned about the ambiance of your establishment it's important to find one that looks right. Pourer Fedora understands this and has created our pourer 'hats' to add to the look of your bar, not detract from it.

We've got the perfect, stylish solution to an ugly problem at Pourer Fedora.

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