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Stylish Liquor Bottle Top

Protecting your liquor investment is a challenge for every bar owner. Two brothers from Boston came up with the perfect solution for your liquor bottle top pourer. Together they designed the Pourer Fedora bottle toppers to cover your pourers with style.

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Fruit flies are the scourge of fine liquor. They’re attracted to all types and categories and once inside they don’t come out. The problem is clear:

  • Liquor is ruined
  • There is a risk of serving a drink with a fly, losing a customer and damaging your reputation
  • Corking bottles slows down delivery, and therefore profit
  • Most options are time consuming and/or unattractive

Now that we've defined the problem, let's talk about the answer: Pourer Fedora! Our attractive product is affordable, easy to put on and remove, and creates a playful appearance to customers. Problem solved!

Bottle Toppers with Flair

If you’re a bar owner one potential nightmare is serving a drink with a fly in it. An open liquor bottle top is irresistible to most fruit or vinegar flies, making that bad dream a very possible reality.

Struggling to find convenient and attractive bottle toppers, two Boston brothers who owned a bar developed the Pourer Fedora. Rather than bringing attention to the possibility of flies in the bar, these charming bottle covers bring a touch of class and whimsy to the décor.

In addition, there is no loss of staff time either in dealing with corked bottles or in taking complicated steps to protect liquor bottles at the end of the night. And if you do have a fruit fly problem, the Pourer Fedora will help you deal with it. They will have a harder time proliferating without a convenient food source.

For an affordable and attractive solution to a very real problem, give Pourer Fedora a try.

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